• Convenient drop-off and pick-up times. Full day of daycare
  • 2 complimentary potty breaks per day (not implemented until outdoor area is complete). Additional Walks for a small fee.
  • Giving medications & anything else to make your pet happy!
  • Medications are professionally administered at no extra cost. We do not charge extra for the well-being of your pet.
  • All Prices are ALL INCLUSIVE!

The Suite Life : (Each additional pet half off)

  • Standard Suites
  • $
    /per night
  • 40 Standard Kennels
  • • Includes Bed
  • • Total Area: 24 Sq. ft.
  • • *Guaranteed Availability with 48hr Advanced Booking
    (*Excludes holidays)
  • Featured Suites
  • $
    /per night
  • 5 Featured Suites Available
  • • Includes T.V. and Bed
  • • Total Area: 28-30 Sq. Ft
  • • Featured Suites:  Miami, Texas, Nashville, Pamper Room & Garage
  • Deluxe Suites
  • $
    /per night
  • 3 Featured Deluxe Suites
  • • Includes T.V and Bed
  • • Total Area: 36 Sq. ft.
  • • Deluxe Suites: New Yorkie, New Orleans & Las Vegas
  • Featured Deluxe Suites
  • $
    /per night
  • 1 Large Featured Deluxe Suite
  • • Includes T.V and Bed
  • • Total Area: 50 Sq. ft.
  • • Featured Deluxe Suite:
  • Hollywood Themed Suite
  • $
    /per night
  • The Hollywoof! Suite
  • • Includes TV and Bed
  • • Total Area 76 Sq. Ft.
  • Chicago Suite
  • $
    /per night
  • 1 Chicago Themed Suite
  • • Included TV and Bed
  • • Total Area: 85 Sq. ft.
  • Cinemutt Theatre
  • $
    /per night
  • luxury Theatre Suite
  • • Includes Large Cinema Screen & Luxury Bed
  • • Total Area: 170 Sq. Ft
  • • Luxury couch arms ottoman
  • • Complimentary “Pupcorn”
  • • Dogs Choice of “Petflix” to Watch Each night!

Daycare: *Drop off as early as 6:30am and pick up as late as 7:30pm Monday-Friday (*weekend hours vary) Please be sure to visit our location and hours page to make sure your plans coordinate with our hours of operation. Our Scottsdale Pet Boarding Hours are some of the best around.

Our easy access location makes Scottsdale Doggie Suites the ideal location for boarding your pet.  We are located on Indian Bend just west of the 101
In the pavilions shopping center in between hobby lobby and Sports Authority for easy access to get around town, or from a return trip from one of the valleys airports.

Hourly and Daycare Rates

  • Full Day
  • $
    /5 hrs +
  • 5 hrs or more
  • Daycare
  • $
    /Under 5 hrs
  • 1/2 day rate
  • Less than 5 hrs
  • “Yappy Hour”
  • $
    /3:30 PM to 6:30 PM
  • Only $10 between
  • 3:30-6:30PM

2nd dog is 5$ off for a full day

Long-Term Dog Boarding

Scottsdale Doggie Suites provides long-term pet accommodation solutions. Our “suites” are spacious, and offer plenty of room for animals to exercise, play, eat, sleep, and enjoy themselves while you are away.

With our elite staff catering to your pet, following your specific instructions on your pet’s needs keeps animals happy and healthy. We have daily programs of long play hours, potty breaks, washing, and nail trimming as well as dog training services.

have questions?

Do You Have 24/7 Supervision?

Scottsdale Doggie Suites has an overnight guardian as well as a Nest security system. Nest gives us 24 camera security right from our smartphones. We also have control of climate and immediate notifications of any changes in facility ie; movement and or weather.  The pavilions also provides overnight security keeping an extra close eye on Scottsdale Doggie Suites.

What happens if I want to pick my pet up early?

We understand you are anxious to pick up and see your pet. Picking up earlier than time originally provided is absolutely ok! However, please keep in mind if you scheduled grooming, your pet was schedule accordingly.

Picking up earlier may interfere with our grooming schedule and your dog may not be completely clean or dry. A grooming cancelation fee will apply if requested grooming services were not able to be performed.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Walk-ins are welcome at any time providing that all requirements are met.
If you are a new, first-time customer a 2 hour complimentary evaluation must be performed on your pet.  We prefer reservations but will welcome walk-ins. Evaluations must arrive no later than 4pm. We do not perform evaluations on Sundays.

Do you require a Credit card to hold a suite?

Scottsdale Doggie Suites will ask you to provide your credit card info.  This info will be encrypted and stored on our secure, PCI compliant software. This information will be provided to hold a reservation, in the event of medical attention and/or to make check-outs more convenient.

Do you charge a cancellation fee?

We understand that last minute things come up from time to time and would never charge for the inconvenience of such.  We just ask that you give us a courtesy call to inform us of any changes as we have have personalized the Suite for your pet. *Holidays excluded.

Please keep in mind we reach full capacity for the holidays and find it necessary to turn away reservations several weeks leading up to that particular holiday. If you need to cancel a holiday reservation, please do so as soon as possible. Reservations that are not canceled 10 days prior to the first day of boarding will be charged a 2 night stay. Price varying on selection of suite.

Are you open on holidays?

Scottsdale Doggie Suites is staffed 365 days a year (366 on leap year J). However, due to the large quantity of dogs that need to be cared for, we will be closed for daycare, pickups and drop off. Holiday hours may vary.